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BACKGROUND Mycotic aortic aneurysm (MAA) is a rare and life-threatening disease. The aim of this European multicenter collaboration was to study the durability of endovascular aortic repair (EVAR) of MAA, by assessing late infection-related complications and long-term survival. METHODS AND RESULTS All EVAR treated MAAs, between 1999 and 2013 at 16(More)
Vascular procedures are rarely complicated by infection, but if prosthetic vascular graft infection (PVGI) occurs, morbidity and mortality are high. Several patient-related, surgery-related and postoperative risk factors are reported, but they are not well validated. PVGI is due to bacterial colonisation of the wound and the underlying prosthetic graft,(More)
We investigate the location of zeros and poles of a dynamical zeta function for a family of subshifts of finite type with an interaction function depending on the parameters λ = (λ1,. .. , λm) with 0 λi 1. The system corresponds to the well known Kac-Baker lattice spin model in statistical mechanics. Its dynamical zeta function can be expressed in terms of(More)
We calculate the period function of Lewis of the automorphic Eisenstein series E(s; w) = 1 2 v s P n;m6 =(0;0) (mw + n) ?2s for the modular group PSL(2; Z Z). This function turns out to be the function B(1 2 ; s + 1 2) s (z), where B(x; y) denotes the beta function and s a function introduced some time ago by Zagier and given for <s > 1 by the series s (z)(More)
We discuss the nearest λ q –multiple continued fractions and their duals for λ q = 2 cos π q which are closely related to the Hecke triangle groups G q , q = 3, 4,. . .. They have been introduced in the case q = 3 by Hurwitz and for even q by Nakada. These continued fractions are generated by interval maps f q respectively f ⋆ q which are conjugate to(More)