Dieter Mayer

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We investigate the location of zeros and poles of a dynamical zeta function for a family of subshifts of finite type with an interaction function depending on the parameters λ = (λ1,. .. , λm) with 0 λi 1. The system corresponds to the well known Kac-Baker lattice spin model in statistical mechanics. Its dynamical zeta function can be expressed in terms of(More)
We calculate the period function of Lewis of the automorphic Eisenstein series E(s; w) = 1 2 v s P n;m6 =(0;0) (mw + n) ?2s for the modular group PSL(2; Z Z). This function turns out to be the function B(1 2 ; s + 1 2) s (z), where B(x; y) denotes the beta function and s a function introduced some time ago by Zagier and given for <s > 1 by the series s (z)(More)
We discuss the nearest λ q –multiple continued fractions and their duals for λ q = 2 cos π q which are closely related to the Hecke triangle groups G q , q = 3, 4,. . .. They have been introduced in the case q = 3 by Hurwitz and for even q by Nakada. These continued fractions are generated by interval maps f q respectively f ⋆ q which are conjugate to(More)
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