Dieter Mascher

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BACKGROUND Arthrospira maxima has been widely used for nutritional purposes. Additionally, A. maxima has shown immunomodulator, antiviral, antioxidant, vasomotor and hypolipidemic effects in(More)
BACKGROUND The respiratory exchange ratio (RER) indirectly shows the muscle's oxidative capacity to get energy. Sedentarism, exercise and physically active lifestyles modify it. For that reason, this(More)
BACKGROUND Aortic rings with endothelium excised from fructose-fed obese rats develop more tension in response to phenylephrine and relax less in response to carbachol than corresponding rings from(More)
The identification of the thrombin receptor has promoted the interest for the development of new therapeutic agents capable of selectively inhibiting unwanted biological effects of thrombin on(More)
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