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An obligate intracellular parasite infecting Ectocarpus spp. and other filamentous marine brown algae is described. The pathogen forms an unwalled multinucleate syncytium (plasmodium) within the host cell cytoplasm and causes hypertrophy. Cruciform nuclear divisions occur during early development. Mature plasmodia become transformed into single sporangia,(More)
Seasonal and intra-thallus variations of energy content and chemical composition were assessed in an intertidal population of Macrocystis in southern Chile. Phylloid protein and lipid from cultured material were compared with seasonal variation in native Macrocystis. Furthermore, populations in northern and southern Chile and Falkland Islands were compared(More)
Recent progress in Macrocystis mariculture is based on clonal stock cultures of gametophyte parents. Batches of up to 10 5 genetically identical sporophyte seedlings can be produced at any time in the laboratory and explanted in the field for production of biomass. Sexual crosses of selected Macrocystis pyrifera gametophyte parents of different geographic(More)
Mechatronics is an area that merges multidisciplinary knowledge coming from mechanical engineering, electronics and computer technology. Vocational training in mechatronics requires the teaching of 'multi-skills' in various learning contexts, as well as a good blend of learning in the classroom and practical training in work surroundings. This paper(More)
—Although the vast majority of research in human-computer interaction often involves only our senses of sight and hearing, with sporadic forays into touch, future laboratories used in engineering education will mostly benefit from developments beyond video and sound. Tangible and embedded interaction, augmented and mixed reality characterizes ultimate(More)
Extended and networked enterprises distribute the design of products, planning of the production process, and manufacturing regionally if not globally. The usual face-to-face work is going to be replaced, at least partly, if not totally, by computer mediated collaboration. Awaited are reduced problems of resolution cycle time, increasing productivity and(More)
SEVERAL dioecious marine brown algae have been valuable in studying chemical communication during sexual reproduction. For example, female gametes of Ectocarpus siliculosus, Cutleria multifida and Fucus serratus secrete olefinic hydrocarbons into the seawater to attract male gametes(1-3). A more complex system is found in the order Laminariales, which(More)
Research results of improving remote collaboration are presented. The results are based on a new concept of mixed reality. It is capable of to train collaborative work over remote sites. The collaborative environment makes use of the system named deriveSERVER, which has been developed by the Artec Research Center (University of Bremen). It is extended to(More)
SUMMARY Currently one of the most challenging aspects of human computer interaction design is the integration of physical and digital worlds in a single environment. This fusion involves the development of "Mixed Reality Systems " , including various technologies from the domains of augmented and virtual reality. In my talk I will present related concepts(More)
– The increasing employment of collaborated and blended learning techniques in educational institutes indicate that this kind of solution maximizes investments whether the growth of students demands more resources and teachers. Collaboration is working together towards a common goal at different times (time flexibility), in different locations (spatial(More)