Dieter Lens

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— We present a design of a predictive control scheme for longitudinal beam dynamics in heavy ion synchrotrons. Specifically, we consider a linear-quadratic model predictive control (MPC) approach, whereby the quadratic program is solved via a fast gradient method. Furthermore, we investigate whether the fast gradient method allows for real-time feasible(More)
Hadron synchrotrons accelerate protons and heavy ions to very high energies. The stabilization of the longitudinal beam dynamics in these particle accelerators is a demanding control problem since typical sample times of the beam-feedback loop are on the order of several µs to several hundred ns. This work examines if model predictive control is a suitable(More)
Overview The possibilities of digital control systems for FAIR, based on digital signal processors (DSPs) and field pro-grammable gate arrays (FPGAs), [1], raise questions concerning the optimal control algorithms for the RF control loops of heavy-ion synchrotrons. From a control theory point of view, the system comprising the RF cavity control loops and(More)
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