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BACKGROUND The purpose of the study is to elucidate the sequence composition of the short arm of rye chromosome 1 (Secale cereale) with special focus on its gene content, because this portion of the rye genome is an integrated part of several hundreds of bread wheat varieties worldwide. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS Multiple Displacement Amplification of(More)
Transplacental transmission of Toxoplasma gondii from an infected, pregnant woman to the unborn that occurs with a probability of about 60 percent [1] results in fetal damage to a degree depending on the gestational age. The computer system ToxoNet processes the results of serological antibody tests having been performed during pregnancy by means of a(More)
BACKGROUND Norway spruce is widely distributed across Europe and the predominant tree of the Alpine region. Fast growth and the fact that timber can be harvested cost-effectively in relatively young populations define its status as one of the economically most important tree species of Northern Europe. In this study, EST derived simple sequence repeat (SSR)(More)
Rise of temperatures and shortening of available water as result of predicted climate change will impose significant pressure on long-lived forest tree species. Discovering allelic variation present in drought related genes of two Austrian oak species can be the key to understand mechanisms of natural selection and provide forestry with key tools to cope(More)
Despite of a number of studies on the genetic nature of plant adaptation to drought stress there is still no conclusion on the core mechanism of defense. Extraction of knowledge gained from experiments on different plant species under different conditions and subsequent interpolation thus appears to be a challenge. Here we applied a sequence(More)
MedFrame provides a medical institution with a set of software tools for developing knowledge bases and inference mechanisms and applying them as expert systems in clinical routine. CADIAG-IV—a data-driven fuzzy expert system for computer-assisted consultation in internal medicine—is entirely based on MedFrame. MedFrame's core components have been(More)
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