Dieter Jungnickel

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The well-studied 0=1 Knapsack and Subset-Sum Problem are maximization problems that have an equivalent minimization version. While exact algorithms for one of these two versions also yield an exact solution for the other version, this does not apply to -approximate algorithms. We present several -approximate Greedy Algorithms for the minimization version of(More)
The clearing of interbank payments is a process which usually involves an immense amount of money and a large number of participants. It can be modeled as a discrete optimization problem, the Bank Clearing Problem (BCP), where the clearing volume is the objective function and the deposits of the participants are the limiting resources. In this paper we(More)
We establish the connections between finite projective planes admitting a collineation group of Lenz–Barlotti type I.3 or I.4, partially transitive planes of type (3) in the sense of Hughes, and planes admitting a quasiregular collineation group of type (g) in the Dembowski– Piper classification; our main tool is an equivalent description by a certain type(More)
We discuss a wide range of matching problems in terms of a network flow model. More than this, we start up a matching theory which is very intuitive and independent from the original graph context. This first paper contains a standardized theory for the performance analysis of augmentation algorithms in a wide area of matching problems. Several optimality(More)