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A computer-assisted system for data collection in an intensive care nursery is described. Maternal history, infant history, diagnoses, and treatment are sequentially identified on a single form and then entered in batches into a computer at the time of patient discharge. Computer production of a discharge summary and letters to referring and follow-up(More)
Iodine is used to disinfect potable water on United States spacecraft. Iodinated potable water will likely be used to grow plants in space. Little is known about the effects of iodine disinfection products on plants. Seeds of select higher plants were germinated in water iodinated using the Shuttle Microbial Check Valve, and water to which measured amounts(More)
Radio frequency (RF) power is one of the most important quantity in RF metrology. In recent years significant progress has been achieved in developing new primary RF power standards with extended frequency ranges and improved uncertainties. These developments and the results of numerous international comparisons in the field of precise RF power measurements(More)
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