Dieter H. Welti

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Metabolic pathways of the mutagen 2-amino-3,8-dimethylimidazo[4,5-f]quinoxaline (MeIQx) remain incompletely characterized in humans. In this study, the metabolism of MeIQx was investigated in primary(More)
Complete assignments are given for the 1H nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectra at 300 MHz of chondroitin 4-sulphate, chondroitin 6-sulphate and hyaluronate in deuterium oxide solution, supported(More)
The covalent binding of the carcinogenic N-hydroxy metabolites of 2-amino-3-methylimidazo-[4,5-f]quinoline (IQ) and 2-amino-3,8-dimethylimidazo[4,5-f]quinoxaline (MeIQx) to deoxynucleosides and DNA(More)