Dieter Gawlick

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High-performance transaction system applications typically insert rows in a History table to provide an activity trace; at the same time the transaction system generates log records for purposes of system recovery. Both types of generated information can benefit from efficient indexing. An example in a well-known setting is the TPC-A benchmark application,(More)
Fast Path supports a variety of methods of concurrency control for a vanety 0/ different uses of data. This arose naturally out of efforts to meet the typical ner~ds of large on-line transaction processing businesses. The elements of "optimistic loeking" apply to one type of data, and "group commit" appLies to all types of data. Fast Path development(More)
Data processing applications must often execute collections of related transactions. We propose a model for structuring and coordinating these multi-transaction activities. The model includes mechanisms for communication between transactions, for compensating transactions after an activity has failed, for dynamic creation and binding of activities, and for(More)
A wide-range of applications, including Publish/Subscribe, Workflow, and Web-site Personalization, require maintaining user’s interest in expected data as conditional expressions. This paper proposes to manage such expressions as data in Relational Database Systems (RDBMS). This is accomplished 1) by allowing expressions to be stored in a column of a(More)
We present an architecture and prototype implementation for a generic provenance database middleware (GProM) that is based on the concept of query rewrites, which are applied to an algebraic graph representation of database operations. The system supports a wide range of provenance types and representations for queries, updates, transactions, and operations(More)