Dieter Gäbler

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LaF(3) thin films of different thicknesses were deposited on CaF(2) (111) and silicon substrates at a relatively low substrate temperature of 150 degrees C. Optical (transmittance, reflectance, refractive index, and extinction coefficient) and mechanical (morphology and crystalline structure) properties have been investigated and are discussed. It is shown(More)
Gradient index coatings and optical filters are a challenge for fabrication. In a round-robin experiment, basically the same hybrid antireflection coating for the visible spectral region, combining homogeneous refractive index layers of pure materials and linear gradient refractive index layers of material mixtures, has been deposited. The experiment(More)
Inhomogeneous coatings are promising for superior optical properties, e.g. broadband antireflection, in comparison to conventional HL-stack designs. Although a lot of excellent theoretical work on optical behaviour of rugates and gradient index films has been done during the last decades, there is no real breakthrough in industrial fabrication. The(More)
We realized metal fluoride coatings with a high packing density and a low extinction coefficient by plasma (ion)-assisted deposition. The densification can be performed by different types of plasma sources, e.g., by a Leybold LION source and a Leybold APSpro, respectively. But the as-deposited coatings show a characteristic absorption behavior, whereas the(More)
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