Dieter Fröhlich

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Early prognostic evaluation of abdominal sepsis is desirable to select high-risk patients for more aggressive therapeutic procedures and to provide objective classification of the severity of disease. The reliability of the Mannheim peritonitis index was assessed and its predictive power for different populations examined in a study of 2003 patients from(More)
Lipoproteins modulate vascular cell function in inflammation. In this study, we analyzed whether plasma concentrations of lipoproteins and apolipoproteins in human sepsis are related to patient survival and the activation of blood monocytes and platelets. Observational study. Medical and surgical intensive care units (ICU) of a university hospital. 151(More)
In order to define rational criteria for “planned relaparotomies” (PR) in the treatment of critical intra-abdominal infections we have analysed characteristics and the clinical course of 377 patients with diffuse peritonitis 152 of whom were treated by PR. More detailed prognostic aspects and data of the clinical course were prospectively investigated in(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether the genotype frequencies of the five bi-allelic polymorphisms in the bactericidal/permeability increasing protein (BPI) (Lys216 --> Glu; PstI polymorphism in intron 5; silent mutation G545 --> C) and the lipopolysaccharide binding protein (LBP) (Cys98 --> Gly; Pro436 --> Leu) are associated with the incidence and lethality of(More)
Sepsis is characterised by a systemic inflammatory response to bacterial products during infection, which interestingly both in humans and animal models is gender associated with a higher susceptibility of males than females. The CD14 receptor is involved in activation of cells by lipopolysaccharides released from Gram-negative bacteria and, as recently(More)
Wir verglichen die neue Version des "Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation" (APACHE-III) Scores mit der bekannten und etablierten Version APACHE-II, indem wir die Schwere von Erkrankungen oder Verletzungen bei 150 Patienten nach deren Aufnahme auf die Intensivstation mittels beider Scores ermittelten. Die Mittel- und Medianwerte der(More)
Intra-abdominal host defense in human peritonitis is hampered by a severe dysfunction of phagocytosis due to an almost complete breakdown of bacteria opsonization. This defect relates to some opsonin consumption, but mainly to proteolytic and oxidative opsonin destruction. To restore and protect intact opsonins we have developed a clinical approach of(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Propofol has been shown to inhibit a variety of functions of neutrophils in vitro, but there is a lack of in vivo data. To analyse the effects of propofol on neutrophil function in vivo we chose to investigate cataract surgery since it represents a small surgical procedure with minimal immunomodulatory effects induced by surgery. We(More)
Low flow and closed system anaesthesia have considerable advantages in economy, limited atmospheric pollution, and maintenance of humidification and temperature. To benefit from these techniques leakage from the breathing system should be as low as possible. The sealing of the airway is crucial to ensure this. Therefore, we have investigated in 30 children,(More)
BACKGROUND Nitrous oxide has been shown inconsistently to impair the oxidative function of neutrophils. The choice of the stimulus, receptor agonists, or stimuli acting independent of receptors seems to determine whether nitrous oxide impairs the oxidative functions, suggesting an interference with the cytosolic signaling of neutrophils. METHODS(More)