Dieter Falkenburg

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During the past two decades, antibodies, antibody derivatives and vaccines have been developed for therapeutic and diagnostic applications in human and veterinary medicine. Numerous species of dicot and monocot plants have been genetically modified to produce antibodies or vaccines, and a number of diverse transformation methods and strategies to enhance(More)
BACKGROUND Coccidiosis caused by protozoans of genus Eimeria is a chicken parasitic disease of great economical importance. Conventional disease control strategies depend on vaccination and prophylactic use of anticoccidial drugs. Alternative solution to prevent and treat coccidiosis could be provided by passive immunization using orally delivered(More)
In Drosophila as in many organisms β tubulins are encoded by a gene family. We have determined the complete nucleotide sequences coding for the β1 and β2 tubulins of Drosophila melanogaster and the β2 tubulin of D. hydei, and found these insect β tubulins to be highly conserved and like β tubulins of other organisms. This is discussed with reference to the(More)
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