Dieter Braun

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Two experiments measured listeners' abilities to detect facial expression in unfamiliar speech in normal and whisper registers. Acoustic differences between speech produced with neutral or marked facial expression were also assessed. Experiment 1 showed that in a forced-choice identification task, listeners could accurately select frowned speech as such,(More)
Abstract The use of infrared laser sources for creation of localized temperature fields has opened new possibilities for basic research and drug discovery. A recently developed technology, Microscale Thermophoresis (MST), uses this temperature field to perform biomolecular interaction studies. Thermophoresis, the motion of molecules in temperature fields,(More)
Protein interactions inside the human body are expected to differ from the situation in vitro. This is crucial when investigating protein functions or developing new drugs. In this study, we present a sample-efficient, free-solution method, termed microscale thermophoresis, that is capable of analysing interactions of proteins or small molecules in(More)
We simulate molecular transport in elongated hydrothermal pore systems influenced by a thermal gradient. We find extreme accumulation of molecules in a wide variety of plugged pores. The mechanism is able to provide highly concentrated single nucleotides, suitable for operations of an RNA world at the origin of life. It is driven solely by the thermal(More)
Microscale thermophoresis (MST) allows for quantitative analysis of protein interactions in free solution and with low sample consumption. The technique is based on thermophoresis, the directed motion of molecules in temperature gradients. Thermophoresis is highly sensitive to all types of binding-induced changes of molecular properties, be it in size,(More)
Thermophoresis moves molecules along temperature gradients, typically from hot to cold. We superpose fluid flow with thermophoretic molecule flow under well-defined microfluidic conditions, imaged by fluorescence microscopy. DNA is trapped and accumulated 16-fold in regions where both flows oppose each other. Strong 800-fold accumulation is expected,(More)
Molecules drift along temperature gradients, an effect called thermophoresis, the Soret effect, or thermodiffusion. In liquids, its theoretical foundation is the subject of a long-standing debate. By using an all-optical microfluidic fluorescence method, we present experimental results for DNA and polystyrene beads over a large range of particle sizes, salt(More)
The electrical sheet resistance between living cells grown on planar electronic contacts of semiconductors or metals is a crucial parameter for bioelectronic devices. It determines the strength of electrical signal transduction from cells to chips and from chips to cells. We measured the sheet resistance by applying AC voltage to oxidized silicon chips and(More)
Laser mediated remote release of encapsulated fluorescently labeled polymers from nanoengineered polyelectrolyte multilayer capsules containing gold sulfide core/gold shell nanoparticles in their walls is observed in real time on a single capsule level. We have developed a method for measuring the temperature increase and have quantitatively investigated(More)