Dieter Behrens

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Varroa destructor is a highly virulent ectoparasitic mite of the honey bee Apis mellifera and a major cause of colony losses for global apiculture. Typically, chemical treatment is essential to control the parasite population in the honey bee colony. Nevertheless a few honey bee populations survive mite infestation without any treatment. We used one such(More)
Examined the effectiveness of a cognitive behavioral intervention to help adolescents with cystic fibrosis (CF) cope with daily stressors. Five youths were referred for the therapy by medical staff because of perceived problems with anxiety or coping. Treatment impact was assessed on measures of coping, anxiety, perceptions of functional disability, and(More)
American foulbrood (AFB) is a severe brood disease in honeybees. Since sustainable treatment is not available, selection of genetically resistant honeybee stock is highly desirable. Using a set of 291 heterozygous microsatellite markers in a bulk segregant analysis with subsequent finemapping of haploid drone offspring from a single honeybee queen, we(More)
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