Diego Vannucci Campos

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We report herein the study of two siblings (DESM and DSM) with hypothyroidism, goiter, and positive perchlorate discharge tests (50% and 70%) in a family (M) with no history of consanguinity. Thyroid gland histology showed a predominance of hyperactive follicles, with high epithelial cells and variable colloid content. Thyroid peroxidase iodide oxidation(More)
The relationship between seizure frequency and cell death has been a subject of controversy. To tackle this issue, we determined the frequency of seizures and the total number of hippocampal cells throughout the life of rats with epilepsy using the pilocarpine model. Seizure frequency varied in animals with epilepsy according to which period of life they(More)
Epilepsy is a disease characterized by recurrent, unprovoked seizures. Cognitive impairment is an important comorbidity of chronic epilepsy. Human and animal model studies of epilepsy have shown that aerobic exercise induces beneficial structural and functional changes and reduces the number of seizures. However, little is yet understood about the effects(More)
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