Diego Valle

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The aim of this work was to study the vascularization of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) by means of dynamic CT and to demonstrate the existence of optimal temporal windows for visualization of HCC in order to develop new protocols for helical CT of the liver. We studied, by means of dynamic CT, 42 histologically proved HCCs in 30 patients after injecting(More)
Alzheimer's disease is the most prevalent cause of dementia. Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) is defined as a grey area between intact cognitive functioning and clinical dementia. Electroencephalography (EEG) has been used to identify biomarkers in dementia. Currently, there is a great interest in translating the study from raw signals to signal generators,(More)
Percutaneous ethanol injection (PEI) is an effective treatment for autonomously functioning thyroid nodules (AFTNs). The aims of this study were to assess: (1) the ultrasound (US) and colour-coded duplex sonography (CCDS) baseline and post-therapy patterns of AFTN, and (2) the contribution of CCDS in determining the efficacy and optimum duration of PEI.(More)
In o~der to evaluate the relationships between body weight, nutritional status and osteoporosis, we have evaluated the changes in body composition and bone mineral content in a l group of obese, poatbillopancreatic diversion (PBD, 2 ys) and control subjects (6 patients in each group). The patients were studied by anthropometry and double emission x-ray(More)
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