Diego Vázquez

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This work presents a technique for the generation of analog sinusoidal signals with high spectral quality and reduced circuitry resources. Two integrated demonstrators are presented to show the feasibility of the approach. The proposed generation technique is based on a modified analog filter that provides a sinusoidal output as the response to a DC input.(More)
This paper presents a method for extracting, in the digital domain, the main characteristic parameters of an analog sine-wave signal. It is based on a double-modulation, square-wave and sigma-delta, together with a simple Digital Processing Algorithm. It leads to an efficient and robust approach very suitable for BIST applications. In this line, some(More)
This work presents a simple and low-cost method for on-chip evaluation of test signals coming from the application of the Oscillation-Based-Test (OBT) technique. This method extracts the main test signal features (amplitude, frequency and DC level) in the digital domain requiring just a very simple and robust circuitry. Experimental results obtained from an(More)
− This paper presents a novel and low-cost methodology that can be used for testing RF blocks embedded in complex SoCs. It is based on the detection and analysis of the two-tone response envelope of the device under test (DUT). The response envelope is processed to obtain a simple digital signature sensitive to key specifications of the DUT. The analytical(More)