Diego Sebastián Pérez

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Normal human epidermal keratinocytes (NHEK) have been chosen as an in vitro model to test the hypothesis that chemicals which alter or interfere in cellular differentiation will concomitantly induce growth perturbations and are, thus, potential carcinogens. In these studies, we have focused on two known skin carcinogens, arsenic and benzo(a)pyrene (BaP).(More)
Trunk diameter is a variable of agricultural interest, used mainly in the prediction of fruit trees production. It is correlated with leaf area and biomass of trees, and consequently gives a good estimate of the potential production of the plants. This work presents a low cost, high precision method for the measurement of trunk diameter of grapevines based(More)
In viticulture, there are several applications where bud detection in vineyard images is a necessary task, susceptible of being automated through the use of computer vision methods. A common and effective family of visual detection algorithms are the scanning-window type, that slide a (usually) fixed size window along the original image, classifying each(More)
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