Diego Ruben Barrettino

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—This paper presents two mixed-signal monolithic gas sensor microsystems fabricated in standard 0.8-m CMOS technology combined with post-CMOS micromachining to form the microhotplates. The on-chip microhotplates provide very high temperatures (between 200 C and 400 C), which are necessary for the normal operation of metal–oxide sensing layers. The first(More)
A fully integrated gas sensor microsystem is presented, which comprises for the first time a micro hot plate as well as advanced analog and digital circuitry on a single chip. The micro hot plate is coated with a nanocrystalline SnO2 thick film. The sensor chip is produced in an industrial 0.8-microm CMOS process with subsequent micromachining steps. A(More)
We report on a stand-alone single-chip (7 x 10 mm) atomic force microscopy unit including a fully integrated array of cantilevers, each of which has an individual actuation, detection, and control unit so that standard atomic force microscopy operations can be performed by means of the chip only without any external controller. The system offers drastically(More)
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