Diego Roberto Muñoz Suárez

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The location of the international 10-20 system electrode positions and 14 fiducial landmarks are described in cartesian coordinates (+/- 1.4 mm average accuracy). Six replications were obtained on 3 separate days from 4 normal subjects, who were compared to each other with a best-fit sphere algorithm. Test-retest reliability depended on the electrode(More)
Intra-operative localization of sensorimotor cortex is of increasing importance as neurosurgical techniques allow safe and accurate removal of lesions around the central sulcus. Although direct cortical recordings of somatosensory evoked potentials (SEPs) are known to be helpful for cortical localization, source localization models can provide more precise(More)
BACKGROUND Disease manifestations in neurocysticercosis (NCC) are frequently due to inflammation of degenerating Taenia solium brain cysts. Exacerbated inflammation post anthelmintic treatment is associated with leakage of the blood brain barrier (BBB) using Evans blue (EB) staining. How well EB extravasation into the brain correlates with magnetic(More)
Arbutoid mycorrhizae were synthesized in vitro between Arbutus unedo L. and two isolates of Lactarius deliciosus. The fungal isolates were obtained from sporocarps collected under Pinus sylvestris and in a mixed forest stand of Quercus suber and Pinus pinea. Synthesis tubes filled with a mixture of sterilized peat, vermiculite, and perlite imbibed with(More)
RESUMEN Los hematomas espinales no traumáticos son condiciones clínicas infrecuentes dentro de la literatura médica, sin embargo se han descrito varios casos comprometiendo los diversos compartimientos a nivel medular e inclusive secundario a migración de hematomas de origen intracraneal. Con este artículo se pretende revisar esta patología como urgencia(More)
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