Diego Reforgiato

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The entire electricity infrastructure and associated socio-technical system including transmission and distribution networks, the system operator, suppliers, generators, consumers and market mechanisms will need to evolve to realize the full potential of smart-grids. At the heart of this evolution is the integration of information and communication(More)
There are numerous applications in which we would like to assess what opinions are being expressed in text documents. For example, Martha Stewart's company may have wished to assess the degree of harshness of news articles about her in the recent past. Likewise, a World Bank official may wish to assess the degree of criticism of a proposed dam in(More)
NetFPGA is a hardware board that it is becoming increasingly popular in various research areas. It is a hardware customizable router and it can be used to study, implement and test new protocols and techniques directly in hardware. It allows researchers to experience a more real experiment environment. In this paper we present a work about the design and(More)
1 In the immediate future video distribution applications will increase their diffusion thanks to the ever-increasing user capabilities and improvements in the Internet access speed and performance. The target of this paper is to propose a content delivery system for real-time streaming services based on a peer-to-peer approach that exploits multicast(More)
1. Background OASYS 2.0 (" Opinion Analysis System ") is a system developed pri-marly at the University of Maryland in collaboration with the University of Naples, Italy. OASYS 2.0 contains significantly extended and improved versions of algorithms in [1] that allows users to identify the intensity of opinion on a-1 to +1 scale on any topic of interest to(More)
We present Sentilo 4 , an unsupervised, domain-independent system that performs sentiment analysis by hybridizing natural language processing techniques with semantic web technologies. Sentilo is able to recognize the holder of an opinion, to detect the topics and sub-topics in the scope of it, and to measure the sentiment expressed on each of them. All(More)
1 It is possible to forward minimum-sized packets at rates of hundreds of Mbps using commodity hardware and Linux. We had a preference for the Click Modular Router platform due its flexibility and the fact that it claimed to have equal or higher performance than native forwarding if used with its polling drivers. Moreover, the NetFPGA is an open networking(More)
In the last few years, new service providers are growing in the Internet scenario to create new multimedia services. The most common approach to this end is based on peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. The new service providers are manifesting great interest not only for classical multimedia applications, like video streaming and video on demand, but also for(More)
1 P2P technology gives new opportunities to define an efficient multimedia streaming application, and, at the same time, it involves a set of technical challenges and issues due to the best-effort service offered by the Internet and its dynamic and heterogeneous nature. The idea of this paper is to propose a multipoint video broadcast framework over a(More)
In this paper, we propose the concept of a " cultural island " – a framework with which users can virtually immerse themselves within a culture, friendly or not. Cultural islands provide a virtual world technology for a wide range of applications ranging from sampling tourist destinations to helping national security and defense analysts understand how best(More)
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