Diego R. Lopez

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Nowadays, while most of the programmable network apparatus vendors support OpenFlow, a number of fragmented control plane solutions exist for proprietary Software - Defined Networks. Thus, network applications developers are forced to re-implement their solutions every time they encounter a new network controller. Moreover, different network developers(More)
This paper presents the main characteristics of XFL, a language for fuzzy logic based systems. Its more relevant features are the ability to define potentially complex systems and the independence from the particular techniques employed for implementing fuzzy operations. This language has been used as the base for several hardwareand software-oriented(More)
Xfuzzy is a CAD tool that eases the development of fuzzy systems from their conception to their final implementation. It is composed of a set of modules and programs that share a common specification language and cover the different stages of the design process. Modules for describing, verifying and tuning the behavior of the system are integrated within(More)
This paper proposes a method for optimizing bandwidth usage in Software Defined Networks (SDNs) based on OpenFlow. Flows of small packets presenting a high overhead, as the ones generated by emerging services, can be identified by the SDN controller, in order to remove header fields that are common to any packet in the flow, only during their way through(More)
To determine how insulin deficiency leads to hypercholesterolemia, we examined cholesterol absorption, synthesis, and utilization in streptozocin-induced diabetic rats fed a grain-based diet ad libitum. Absorbed dietary cholesterol was determined from measurement of dietary cholesterol intake and previous data for cholesterol fractional absorption. Daily(More)
Rats with streptozotocin-induced diabetes stop growing and start eating more chow. These two events elicit an interacting series of changes in cholesterol dynamics. Hyperphagia increases dietary cholesterol intake and cholesterol synthesis by the small intestine. These increases are balanced by a decrease in cholesterol synthesis in the rest of the body so(More)
A tool for the synthesis of fuzzy controllers is presented in this paper. This tool takes as input the behavioral specification of a controller and generates its VHDL description according to a target architecture. The VHDL code can be synthesized by means of two implementation methodologies, ASIC and FPGA. The main advantages of using this approach are(More)
Networking has seen lately a surge in research and innovation with the re-emergence of network programmability in the form of Software-Defined Networking (SDN), a new approach for network data path configuration. SDN provides an abstraction model of the Forwarding Plane and separates it from the Control Plane using open APIs. In parallel, major telecom(More)
The IPv6 transition has been an ongoing process throughout the world due to the exhaustion of the IPv4 address space. However, this transition leads to costly end-to-end network upgrades and poses new challenges of managing a large number of devices with a variety of transitioning protocols. Recognizing these difficulties, we propose an software defined(More)