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Recently, many fascinating properties predicted for metamaterials (negative refraction, superlensing, electromagnetic cloaking,…) were experimentally demonstrated. Unfortunately, the best achievements have no direct translation to the optical domain, without being burdened by technological and conceptual difficulties. Of particular importance within the(More)
Metallic nanowires (NW) coated with a high permittivity dielectric are proposed as means to strongly reduce the light scattering of the conducting NW, rendering them transparent at infrared wavelengths of interest in telecommunications. Based on a simple, universal law derived from electrostatics arguments, we find appropriate parameters to reduce the(More)
Lighting applications require directional and polarization control of the emitted light, which is currently achieved by bulky optical components such as lenses, parabolic mirrors, and polarizers. Ideally, this control would be achieved without any external optics, but at the nanoscale, during the generation of light. Semiconductor nanowires are promising(More)
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