Diego Pellicanò

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Within the framework of aging materials inspection, one of the most important aspects regarding defects detection in metal welded strips. In this context, it is important to plan a method able to distinguish the presence or absence of defects within welds as well as a robust procedure able to characterize the defect itself. In this paper, an innovative(More)
Despite their high specific stiffness and strength, carbon fiber reinforced polymers, stacked at different fiber orientations, are susceptible to interlaminar damages. They may occur in the form of micro-cracks and voids, and leads to a loss of performance. Within this framework, ultrasonic tests can be exploited in order to detect and classify the kind of(More)
Eddy-Current Techniques for non–destructive testing and evaluation of conducting material are one of the most known application oriented field in electromagnetics research. According to the Italian PRIN Project (proj. 2009TCLKNF_002), the Authors, in this work, propose a novel approach based on soft computing domain to characterize defects in metallic(More)
Duodenal ulcer is a chronic disease, punctuated by acute relapses. The pathogenic mechanism in 90-100% of cases is infection by Helicobacter pylori. Two major strains exist of this bacterium: I strain, which secretes a vacuolating cytotoxin (Vac-A), and another protein named cytotoxin-associated (Cag-A) and type II strain, unable to produce both proteins(More)