Diego Pellicanò

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Within the framework of aging materials inspection, one of the most important aspects regarding defects detection in metal welded strips. In this context, it is important to plan a method able to distinguish the presence or absence of defects within welds as well as a robust procedure able to characterize the defect itself. In this paper, an innovative(More)
The quality of measurements in nondestructive testing and evaluation plays a key role in assessing the reliability of different inspection techniques. Each different technique, like the magneto-optic imaging here treated, is affected by some special types of noise which are related to the specific device used for their acquisition. Therefore, the design of(More)
—Reliable performance of a component or structure depends on its pre-service quality and in-service degradation under operating conditions. The importance of Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation is ever increasing, above all in ensuring pre-service quality and monitoring in-service degradation, in order to avoid premature failure of the(More)