Diego Paschoal

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In this article, we conducted an extensive ab initio study on the importance of the level of theory and the basis set for theoretical predictions of the structure and reactivity of cisplatin [cis-diamminedichloroplatinum(II) (cDDP)]. Initially, the role of the basis set for the Pt atom was assessed using 24 different basis sets, including three all-electron(More)
The reactivity of gold(III) complexes is analyzed for a series of derivatives of 3-azapentane-1,5-diamine (dien) tridentate ligand that can contain some bulky substituents. Two distinct series of compounds are considered where the dien ligand is either deprotonated (R-dien-H) or protonated (R-dien) at the secondary amine where R = ethyl (Et) or methyl (Me).(More)
Predicting NMR properties is a valuable tool to assist the experimentalists in the characterization of molecular structure. For heavy metals, such as Pt-195, only a few computational protocols are available. In the present contribution, all-electron Gaussian basis sets, suitable to calculate the Pt-195 NMR chemical shift, are presented for Pt and all(More)
In this work the adsorption of the antibiotics levofloxacin (LV), tetracycline (TC) and benzylpenicillin (BP) on the surface of silver nanoparticles (AgNP) have been investigated through both surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) and UV-VIS-NIR spectroscopies. The SERS spectra were obtained using 1064 nm exciting radiation. Theoretical models for the(More)
In this paper, we assessed the quantum mechanical level of theory for prediction of linear and nonlinear optical (NLO) properties of push-pull organic molecules. The electric dipole moment (μ), mean polarizability ([Symbol: see text]α[Symbol: see text]) and total static first hyperpolarizability (βt) were calculated for a set of benzene, styrene, biphenyl(More)
Three new N-benzylideneaniline derivatives [p-nitrobenzylidene-p-phenylamineaniline (I), 2,4-dinitrobenzylidene-p-phenylamineaniline (II) and p-dinitrobenzylidene-p-diethylamineaniline (III)] containing electron-push-pull groups have been prepared. They present a planar N-benzylideneaniline core and neighbouring functional atoms, which are related through(More)
The chemotherapy with gold complexes has been attempted since the 90s after the clinical success of auranofin, a gold(I) coordination complex. Currently, the organometallics compounds have shown promise in cancer therapy, mainly in those complexes containing N-heterocylic carbenes (NHC) as a ligand. The present study shows a kinetic analysis of the reaction(More)
For the first time, a procedure for simultaneous determination of the main artificial sweeteners, aspartame (ASP), cyclamate (CYC), saccharin (SAC), and acesulfame-K (ACSK) by a spectroscopic method associated with the multivariate calibration is proposed. These analytes were quantified in tabletop sweeteners samples using FT-Raman spectroscopy. Liquid(More)
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