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Nature-inspired computing has yielded remarkable applications of collective intelligence which considers simple elements for solving complex tasks by common interaction. On the other hand, automatic circle detection in digital images has been considered an important and complex task for the computer vision community that has devoted a tremendous amount of(More)
Motion estimation is one of the major problems in developing video coding applications. Among all motion estimation approaches, Block matching (BM) algorithms are the most popular methods due to their effectiveness and simplicity for both software and hardware implementations. A BM approach assumes that the movement of pixels within a defined region of the(More)
In mammals there are at least three isoforms of the glycolytic enzyme enolase encoded by three similar genes: alpha, beta and gamma. In this report we describe the isolation and characterization of the human alpha-enolase locus. The gene appears to exist as a single copy in the haploid genome and is composed of 12 exons distributed over more than 18,000(More)
At least three genes encode the different isoforms of the glycolytic enzyme enolase. We have isolated the gene for the human gamma- or neuron-specific enolase and determined the nucleotide sequence from upstream to the 5' end to beyond the polyadenylation site. The gene contains 12 exons distributed over 9213 nucleotides. Introns occur at positions(More)
The (E)-stilbene isomer (2a) of the (Z)-combretastatin A-4 prodrug (1b) was efficiently prepared from (E)-combretastatin A-4 by a reaction sequence employing phosphorylation (dibenzyl chlorophosphite), cleavage (trimethyliodosilane) of the benzyl ester and reaction of the resulting phosphoric acid with sodium methoxide. The sodium phosphate product (2c) was(More)
Medical imaging is a relevant field of application of image processing algorithms. In particular, the analysis of white blood cell (WBC) images has engaged researchers from fields of medicine and computer vision alike. Since WBCs can be approximated by a quasicircular form, a circular detector algorithm may be successfully applied. This paper presents an(More)
We report here the isolation and characterization of the human gene for the beta or muscle-specific isoform of the glycolytic enzyme enolase. The nucleotide sequence analysis revealed structural features, such as organization as 11 coding exons, the first exon consisting of an untranslated sequence and hence resembling sequences of the other two members of(More)
1. The mouse neuroblastoma cell line N-115 was used as a model system to study neuronal differentiation induced by treatment of cells with different agents. 2. The extent of morphological differentiation obtained with dibutyryl cyclic AMP (dbc-AMP), dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), retinoic acid (RA), and serum-free medium was correlated to the expression of the(More)
Segmentation is one of the most important tasks in image processing. It consist in classify the pixels into two or more groups depending on their intensity levels and a threshold value. The quality of the segmentation depends on the method applied to select the threshold. The use of the classical implementations for multilevel thresholding is(More)