Diego Montagner

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0020-1693/$ see front matter 2011 Elsevier B.V. A doi:10.1016/j.ica.2011.07.031 ⇑ Corresponding author. Tel.: +39 49 8275172; fax: E-mail address: diego.montagner@unipd.it (D. Mo The polymeric [PdCl(dithiocarbamate)]n complexes, in which the ligand ion is dimethyldithiocarbamate (DMDT), pyrrolidine dithiocarbamate (PyDT, (CH2)4NCS2 ) and sarcosine ethyl(More)
Deprotonation of 1-methylcytosine (1-MeCy) and 9-methyladenine (9-MeAd) promoted by cis-[L(2)Pt(mu-OH)](2)(NO(3))(2) (L = PPh(3), PMePh(2), (1)/(2)dppe) in PhCN causes the irreversible insertion of a nitrile molecule into the Pt-N4 and Pt-N6 bonds of the cytosinate and adeninate ligands, respectively, to form the stable azametallacycle complexes(More)
The mixed nucleobases complexes cis-[L(2)Pt{1-MeTy(-H)}(1-MeCy,N(3))]NO(3) (L = PPh(3), ; PMePh(2), ), containing the N(3)-deprotonated 1-methylthymine (1-MeTy(-H)) and the neutral 1-methylcytosine (1-MeCy) have been prepared and characterised. The compounds were obtained by reacting the hydroxo complexes cis-[L(2)Pt(mu-OH)](2)(NO(3))(2) with(More)
Cytidine (cyt) and adenosine (ado) react with cis-[L(2)Pt(μ-OH)](2)(NO(3))(2) (L=PMe(3), PPh(3)) in various solvents to give the nucleoside complexes cis-[L(2)Pt{cyt(-H),N(3)N(4)}](3)(NO(3))(3) (L=PMe(3), 1),cis-[L(2)Pt{cyt(-H),N(4)}(cyt,N(3))]NO(3) (L=PPh(3), 2), cis-[L(2)Pt{ado(-H),N(1)N(6)}](2)(NO(3))(2) (L=PMe(3), 3) and(More)
The dinuclear copper(II) complex [Cu2{bcmp(-H)}(μ-OH)](NO3)2·H2O (1, bcmp=2,6-bis(1,4,7-triazacyclonon-1-ylmethyl)-4-methylphenol) has been synthesized and characterized by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry, potentiometric titration and cyclovoltammetry. The X-ray structure of the analogous perchlorate salt [Cu2{bcmp(-H)}(μ-OH)](ClO4)2·2.5H2O (2)(More)
The amidine complexes cis-[L(2)PtNH==C(R){1-MeCy(-2H)}]NO(3) (R = Me, 1a; Ph, 1b, Me(3)C, 1c; Ph(2)(H)C, 1d) and cis-[L(2)PtNH==C(R){9-MeAd(-2H)}]NO(3) (R = Me, 2a; Ph, 2b; Me(3)C, 2c; Ph(2)(H)C, 2d), are formed when cis-[L(2)Pt(μ-OH)](2)(NO(3))(2) (L = PPh(3)) reacts with 1-methylcytosine (1-MeCy) and 9-methyladenine (9-MeAd) in solution of MeCN, PhCN,(More)
The hydroxo complex cis-[L2Pt(mu-OH)]2(NO3)2, (L = PMePh2, 1a), in CH3CN solution, deprotonates the NH2 group of 9-methyladenine (9-MeAd) to give the cyclic trinuclear species cis-[L2Pt[9-MeAd(-H)]]3(NO3)3, (L = PMePh2, 2a), in which the nucleobase binds the metal centers through the N(1), N(6) atoms. In solution at room temperature, 2a slowly reacts with(More)
The addition of 1-methylcytosine (1-MeCy) or 9-methylguanine (9-MeGu) to solutions of cis-(PPh3)2P(ONO2)2 (1a), in a molar ratio of 1:1, affords the monoadducts cis-[(PPh3)2Pt(1-MeCy)(ONO2)]NO3 (2a) and cis-[(PPh3)2Pt(9-MeGu)(ONO2)]NO3 (3a) and only trace amounts of the bisadducts cis-[(PPh3)2Pt(1-MeCy)2](NO3)2 (4a) and cis-[(PPh3)2Pt(9-MeGu)2](NO3)2 (5a),(More)