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We propose a new technique for the identification of discrete-time hybrid systems in the Piece-Wise Affine (PWA) form. The identification algorithm proposed in [9] is first considered and then improved under various aspects. Measures of confidence on the samples are introduced and exploited in order to improve the performance of both the clustering(More)
A new method for measuring the regularity of a process over short data sequences is reported. This method is based on the definition of a new function (the corrected conditional entropy) and on the extraction of its minimum. This value is taken as an index in the information domain quantifying the regularity of the process. The corrected conditional entropy(More)
The generation of a set of rules underlying a classification problem is performed by applying a new algorithm, called Hamming Clustering (HC). It reconstructs the and-or expression associated with any Boolean function from a training set of samples. The basic kernel of the method is the generation of clusters of input patterns that belong to the same class(More)
Open Source Software (OSS) for e-Science should make reference to the paradigm of a distributed surrounding over a multi system mix of Web Services and Grid technologies, allowing data exchanging through services, according to standards in the area of the Grid and of Service Oriented Computing (SOC). In fact, biologists, medical doctors, and scientists are(More)
Being able to estimate the fMRI-BOLD response following a single task or stimulus is certainly of value, since it allows to characterize its relationship to different aspects either of the stimulus, or of the subject's performance. In order to detect and characterize BOLD responses in single trials, we developed and validated a procedure based on an(More)
DNA micro-arrays provide thousands of genomic expressions on the same subject. A main issue is then to find the subset of genes whose degeneration is responsible of a certain type of cancer. In this paper, starting from a paradigmatic classification problem of two kinds of Leukaemia, we discuss the use of data-mining techniques in such a context. Particular(More)
The integration of chemotherapy and radiotherapy for the treatment of advanced head and neck cancer is still a matter of clinical investigation. An important limitation is that the concomitant administration of chemotherapy and radiotherapy still induces severe toxicity. In this paper, a simple artificial neural network is used to predict, on the basis of(More)