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The lichen genus Peltigera has been mainly revised in the Northern Hemisphere, with most species being recorded in Europe and North America. This study assessed the phylogenetic diversity of the mycobionts and cyanobionts of Peltigera cyanolichens collected in Southern Chile and Antarctica, areas in which lichens are extremely diverse but poorly studied.(More)
  • D B Leiva
  • 1990
1. The author delineates the emergence of an important concept in the Neurochemistry of mental illness, that of a Cholinergic Factor in Mania. This concept which evolved steadily over a period of 22 years from 1950-1972, the author believes has given us our first significant insight into the etiology and treatment of the Manic state. 2. In addition, the(More)
Photobiont availability is one of the main factors determining the success of the lichenization process. Although multiple sources of photobionts have been proposed, there is no substantial evidence confirming that the substrates on which lichens grow are one of them. In this work, we obtained cyanobacterial 16S ribosomal RNA gene sequences from the(More)
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