Diego J. Botia

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Network operators increasingly focus their attention on fulfilling the expectations of quality of experience (QoE) for the delivery of video services to their users. Therefore, it is important to analyze the correlation between objective and subjective QoE metrics such as PSNR (Peak Signal Noise Ratio), SSIM (Structural Similarity Index Metric), VQM (Video(More)
Assessing the Quality of Experience (QoE) for multimedia services transmitted over a network has become a major issue for telecom providers (Telcos), because it can determine the real user satisfaction regarding the service they hire. For this reason, we present the metrics based on the Reduced Reference (RR) methodology called Quality Index Based Frame(More)
For network operators (telcos) the quality assessment over multimedia services has become a hot topic in recent years. We propose a model to simplify the assessment and correlation metrics QoS/QoE over video services. We report the development of a methodology that use metrics Full Reference (FR) and Reduced Reference (RR), through network scenarios using(More)
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