Diego Gutierrez

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The numerous works on media retargeting call for a methodological approach for evaluating retargeting results. We present the first comprehensive perceptual study and analysis of image retargeting. First, we create a benchmark of images and conduct a large scale user study to compare a representative number of state-of-the-art retargeting methods. Second,(More)
Most existing image content has low dynamic range (LDR), which necessitates effective methods to display such legacy content on high dynamic range (HDR) devices. Reverse tone mapping operators (rTMOs) aim to take LDR content as input and adjust the contrast intelligently to yield output that recreates the HDR experience. In this paper we show that current(More)
We present <i>femto-photography</i>, a novel imaging technique to capture and visualize the propagation of light. With an effective exposure time of 1.85 picoseconds (ps) per frame, we reconstruct movies of ultrafast events at an equivalent resolution of about one half trillion frames per second. Because cameras with this shutter speed do not exist, we(More)
This paper presents a method for measuring the similarity in style between two pieces of vector art, independent of content. Similarity is measured by the differences between four types of features: color, shading, texture, and stroke. Feature weightings are learned from crowdsourced experiments. This perceptual similarity enables style-based search. Using(More)
This paper describes a novel extension of the photon mapping algorithm, capable of handling both volume multiple inelastic scattering and curved light paths simultaneously. The extension is based on the Full Radiative Transfer Equation (FRTE) and Fermat's law, and yields physically accurate, high-dynamic data than can be used for image generation or for(More)
Recently, we have seen a growing trend in the design and fabrication of personalized figurines, created by scanning real people and then physically reproducing miniature statues with 3D printers. This is currently a hot topic both in academia and industry, and the printed figurines are gaining more and more realism, especially with state-of-the-art facial(More)
This paper presents a physically based simulation of atmospheric phenomena. It takes into account the physics of non-homogeneous media in which the index of refraction varies continuously, creating curved light paths. As opposed to previous research on this area, we solve the physically based differential equation that describes the trajectory of light. We(More)
Facial appearance depends on both the physical and physiological state of the skin. As people move, talk, undergo stress, and change expression, skin appearance is in constant flux. One of the key indicators of these changes is the <i>color</i> of skin. Skin color is determined by scattering and absorption of light within the skin layers, caused mostly by(More)