Diego González Castañón

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BACKGROUND The ITINERIS scale on the rights of persons with intellectual disabilities (ISRPID) was developed to measure the extent to which people with intellectual disabilities (ID) exercise their rights. METHOD The ISRPID was produced through a virtual Delphi group with 37 professionals and relatives of people with ID from four continents and was(More)
The classificatory systems used through history. The analysis of their criteria for categorization allowed the authors to deduce the nosologic considerations and the paradigms underlying the conceptions of mental retardation sustained in each time period, not always from psychiatric origins. The effects of considering mental retardation as a disorder or a(More)
The article describes in an original way the concept of self-determination, including an analysis of its components and effects. The authors detail two groups of disorders of self-determination: subjective dissipation and subjective alienation. They sustain that this theoretical framework explains more fully the clinics of Intellectual Disability (DSM's(More)
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