Diego Gomes Freire Guidolin

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In this study, the objective was to estimate genetic parameters of body weight at 210 (BW210) and 365 (BW365) days of age in relation to rib eye area (REA), subcutaneous back fat thickness (BF) and rump fat (RF), and their respective genetic trends, in Nelore beef cattle. Estimates of genetic parameters and breeding values for the studied traits were(More)
Beef cattle producers in Brazil use body weight traits as breeding program selection criteria due to their great economic importance. The objectives of this study were to evaluate different animal models, estimate genetic parameters, and define the most fitting model for Brahman cattle body weight standardized at 120 (BW120), 210 (BW210), 365 (BW365), 450(More)
The use of chemical defensives to control fungal diseases has by consequence to impact negatively over the environment and human health, this way, the use of plant extracts with antifungal properties along with proper cultural management makes viable an alternative plant production control, specially for familiar and organic cultures. The objective of this(More)
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