Diego Garcia

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An investment horizon is in practice not frequently known with certainty at the initial investment date. This paper addresses the problem of pricing and hedging a random cash‡ow received at a random date in a general stochastic environment. We ...rst argue that speci...c timing risk is induced by the presence of an uncertain time-horizon if and only if the(More)
We consider optimal capital allocation and managerial compensation mechanisms for decentralized ̄rms when division managers have an incentive to misrepresent project quality and to minimize privately costly but value-enhancing e®ort. We show that in the optimal mechanism ̄rms always underinvest in capital relative to a naive application of the net present(More)
We develop a model to explore the asset pricing implications of firms being buyers of last resort for their own stocks. Those with more ability to repurchase shares when prices drop far below fundamental value (i.e., less financially constrained ones) should have lower short-horizon return variance (controlling for fundamental variance) than other firms.(More)
We read all news items that came out between 1996 and 2000 on 458 internet IPOs and a matching sample of 458 non-internet IPOs – a total of 171,488 news items – and classify each news item as good news, neutral news, or bad news. We first document that the media was more positive for internet IPOs in the period of the dramatic rise in share prices, and was(More)
How does transparency, a key feature of central bank design, affect the deliberation of monetary policymakers? We exploit a natural experiment in the Federal Open Market Committee in 1993 together with computational linguistic models (particularly Latent Dirichlet Allocation) to measure the effect of increased transparency on debate. Commentators have(More)
Clinical guidelines are documents that assist healthcare professionals, facilitating and standardizing diagnosis, management, and treatment in specific areas. Computerized guidelines as decision support systems (DSS) attempt to increase the performance of tasks and facilitate the use of guidelines. Most DSS are not integrated into the electronic health(More)
The trading of shares of the same firm in multiple markets has become common over the last 30 years, but there is little empirical evidence on the extent to which investors actively exploit multimarket environments. We introduce a volume-based measure of multimarket trading to address this question. Analyzing a large set of cross-listed firms, we find(More)
BACKGROUND Specialized methods are necessary to collect data from migrant farmworkers for epidemiologic research. METHODS We developed a questionnaire that collected lifetime occupational histories and other lifestyle risk factors via a life events/icon calendar, and administered the questionnaire to a convenience sample of 162 migrant farmworkers in nine(More)