Diego Gómez

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The present study tested the interplay between mood and attentional deployment by examining attention to positive (i.e., happy faces) and negative (i.e., angry and sad faces) stimuli in response to experimental inductions of sad and happy mood. Participants underwent a negative, neutral, or positive mood induction procedure (MIP) which was followed by an(More)
" There is uncertainty about the final characteristics of a structure. " This makes it difficult to estimate the final sustainability index of the structure. " The method serves to manage uncertainty, facilitating on-time decision making. " It informs about the likelihood of finally reaching the sustainability objective. " It serves for comparing the(More)
Using Twitter during academic conferences is a way of engaging and connecting an audience inherently multicultural by the nature of scientific collaboration. English is expected to be the <i>lingua franca</i> bridging the communication and integration between native speakers of different mother tongues. However, little research has been done to support this(More)
The notion of converged service is based on the integration of traditional telecommunications features and Web 2.0 services. Today this concept is given special attention by the telecommunications service providers as a mechanism that allows them to expand their service portfolio and have greater market dynamism. However, these services present new(More)
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