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The technique of collaborative filtering is especially successful in generating personalized recommendations. More than a decade of research has resulted in numerous algorithms, although no comparison of the different strategies has been made. In fact, a universally accepted way of evaluating a collaborative filtering algorithm does not exist yet. In this(More)
The recommendation of queries, known as query suggestion, is a common practice on major Web Search Engines. It aims to help users to find the information they are looking for, and is usually based on the knowledge learned from past interactions with the search engine. In this paper we propose a new model for query suggestion, the Search Shortcut Problem,(More)
A Web Information Retrieval course is quite appealing to Computer Science students and is quite challenging from the teacher's perspective, due to the limited knowledge of IR and Web IR of the students. In this paper we present our experience teaching a mainly practical Web IR course in order to exploit the programming skills of the common Computer Science(More)
The performance evaluation of an IR system is a key point in the development of any search engine, and specially in the Web. In order to get the performance we are used to, Web search engines are based on large-scale distributed systems and to optimise its performance is an important aspect in the literature. The main methods, that can be found in the(More)
In the last years, recommender systems have achieved a great popularity. Many different techniques have been developed and applied to this field. However, in many cases the algorithms do not obtain the expected results. In particular, when the applied model does not fit the real data the results are especially bad. This happens because many times models are(More)
Okadaic acid (OA) and its analogues, dinophysistoxin 1 (DTX1) and dinophysistoxin 2 (DTX2), are lipophilic and heat-stable marine toxins produced by dinoflagellates, which can accumulate in filter-feeding bivalves. These toxins cause diarrheic shellfish poisoning (DSP) in humans shortly after the ingestion of contaminated seafood. Studies carried out in(More)
Collaborative filtering is a popular recommendation technique. Although researchers have focused on the accuracy of the recommendations, real applications also need efficient algorithms. An index structure can be used to store the rating matrix and compute recommendations very fast. In this paper we study how compression techniques can reduce the size of(More)
Short-lived blooms of large phytoplankton are the main vector in the atmosphere–ocean–sediment carbon flux and are associated with high fish production. A common assumption is that grazing zooplankton can only have a negative effect on the growth of these blooms. We have found that appendicularians, the most abundant microph-agous metazoans, strongly(More)