Diego F Pabon

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The black Caribbean population continues to grow in the US and little is known about stroke etiologies in that community. We examined stroke subtypes in 175 consecutive Haitian-born patients living in Miami, admitted for acute stroke. Ischemic stroke was diagnosed in 72%. Small vessel occlusion was the most frequent stroke subtype. There was a high(More)
This study was initiated due to an NIH "Facilities of Research--Spinal Cord Injury" contract to support independent replication of published studies that appear promising for eventual clinical testing. We repeated a study reporting the beneficial effects of recombinant human erythropoietin (rhEPO) treatment after spinal cord injury (SCI). Moderate thoracic(More)
Skin flora immobilization technology is similar in efficacy to Iodine-Povidone in healthy volunteers. We did a prospective study in a university clinic with 60 healthy volunteers. Right inguinal skin area on healthy volunteers was used to compare the antimicrobial properties of cyanoacrylate sealant (FloraSeal, Adhesion Biomedical, Wyomissing, PA) versus(More)
Current use of prosthetic meshes and implants for myofascial reconstruction has been associated with infectious complications, long-term failure, and dissatisfying cosmetic results. Our laboratory has developed a small animal model for ventral hernia repair, which uses progenitor cells isolated from a skeletal muscle biopsy. In the model, progenitor cells(More)
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