Diego F Faccone

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dissolution and oral bioavailability of different formulations of two essential drugs marketed in Tanzania, the drug content and drug release from all the tested ciprofloxacin formulations were within USP-24 requirements and remained stable during storage at simulated tropical conditions. Oral bioavailability was also not influenced by tropical conditions.(More)
Phenotypic and genotypic characterization of 133 isolates of Neisseria meningitidis obtained from meningococcal disease cases in Argentina during 2010 were performed by the National Reference Laboratory as part of a project coordinated by the PAHO within the SIREVA II network. Serogroup, serotype, serosubtype and MLST characterization were performed.(More)
the broad spectrum of affected species , particularly raptors. A raptor was the index case in Denmark (7). Current surveillance efforts in regions free from the virus favor investigation of signifi cant death events of waterfowl and active sampling of healthy water-fowl as the means for early detection (e.g., 9). Many national surveillance programs are(More)
BACKGROUND VIM-type metallo-betalactamases (MBLs) exhibit hydrolytic activity against most betalactam antibiotics, including carbapenems. So far, VIM-type-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates had not been reported in Latin America. METHODOLOGY In July 2005, a carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae was isolated from a urine sample collected from a(More)
Streptococcus pneumoniae is a major pathogen causing community-acquired pneumonia and acute bronchitis. Macrolides, fluoroquinolones (FQs), and, recently, telithromycin (TEL) constitute primary therapeutic options, and rare cases of resistance have been reported. In this report, we describe the emergence of an S. pneumoniae clinical isolate with high-level(More)
During the period 1993-2001, a total of 1,499 pneumococci isolates were recovered through the Argentinean surveillance of Streptococcus pneumoniae causing invasive disease in children under 6 years of age, 3.5% of which were erythromycin resistant. Among the 50 erythromycin-resistant strains available, 58% (n=29) harbored mefA/E genes (15 mefA, 30%; and 14(More)
Macrolide-resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae emerged in Argentina in 1995, representing 26% of invasive infection isolates in children under 5 years old. The objectives of this study were to describe the prevalence of ermB and mefA genes in macrolide-resistant S. pneumoniae isolates from acute otitis media (AOM) and to determine their genetic relatedness.(More)
Fluoroquinolone resistance is a growing problem that has only recently emerged in S. agalactiae. Between 2005-2007, WHONET--Argentina network evaluated levofloxacin susceptibility in 1128 clinical S. agalactiae isolates, 10 (0.9%) of which proved to be resistant. Nine of them had come from 5 hospitals (in Buenos Aires City and 4 Argentinean provinces) and(More)
Introduction: The HTR2C gene is an important candidate in pharmacogenetic studies of antipsychotic-induced weight gain (AIWG). However, inconsistent results have been obtained. The present study investigated the association between -759C>T, functional polymorphism of the HTR2C receptor, and AIWG. Methods: A prospective cohort of 48 female inpatients with(More)
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