Diego Dreossi

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Synchrotron-radiation computed tomography has been applied in many research fields. Here, PITRE (Phase-sensitive X-ray Image processing and Tomography REconstruction) and PITRE_BM (PITRE Batch Manager) are presented. PITRE supports phase retrieval for propagation-based phase-contrast imaging/tomography (PPCI/PPCT), extracts apparent absorption, refractive(More)
PURPOSE To prospectively evaluate the diagnostic contribution of mammography with synchrotron radiation in patients with questionable or suspicious breast abnormalities identified at combined digital mammography (DM) and ultrasonography (US). MATERIALS AND METHODS The ethics committee approved this prospective study, and written informed consent was(More)
Evidence of prehistoric dentistry has been limited to a few cases, the most ancient dating back to the Neolithic. Here we report a 6500-year-old human mandible from Slovenia whose left canine crown bears the traces of a filling with beeswax. The use of different analytical techniques, including synchrotron radiation computed micro-tomography (micro-CT),(More)
Fieldwork performed during the last 15 years in various Early Pleistocene East African sites has significantly enlarged the fossil record of Homo erectus sensu lato (s.l.). Additional evidence comes from the Danakil Depression of Eritrea, where over 200 late Early to early Middle Pleistocene sites have been identified within a ∼1000 m-thick sedimentary(More)
A system for in vivo breast imaging with monochromatic x-rays has been designed and built at the synchrotron radiation facility Elettra in Trieste (Italy) and will be operational in 2004. The system design involves the possibility of performing both planar mammography and breast tomography. In the present work, the first results obtained with a test set-up(More)
We derive a Fourier formulation of coded-aperture x-ray phase-contrast imaging, based on the wave theory of optics in the Fresnel approximation. We use this model to develop a flexible, efficient, and general simulation algorithm that can be easily adapted to other implementations of x-ray phase contrast imaging. Likewise, the algorithm enables a simple(More)
A clinical program for X-ray phase contrast (PhC) mammography with synchrotron radiation (SR) has been started in March 2006 at the SYRMEP beamline of Elettra, the SR facility in Trieste, Italy. The original beamline layout has been modified substantially and a clinical facility has been realized. In order to fulfill all security requirements, dedicated(More)
The aim of the SYRMA-CT collaboration is to set-up the first clinical trial of phase-contrast breast CT with synchrotron radiation (SR). In order to combine high image quality and low delivered dose a number of innovative elements are merged: a CdTe single photon counting detector, state-of-the-art CT reconstruction and phase retrieval algorithms. To(More)
Skeletal abnormalities reported in humans and laboratory animals after spaceflight, include cancellous osteopenia, decreased cortical and cancellous bone formation, aberrant matrix ultrastructure, decreased mineralization and reduced bone strength. Although considerable effort has been made up to now to understand the skeletal effects of spaceflight, in(More)
Computed x-ray phase contrast micro-tomography is the most valuable tool for a three dimensional (3D) and non destructive analysis of the tissue engineered bone morphology. We used a Talbot interferometer installed at SYRMEP beamline of the ELETTRA synchrotron (Trieste, Italy) for a precise 3D reconstruction of both bone and soft connective tissue,(More)