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In the engineering and manufacturing domain, there is currently an atmosphere of departure to a new era of digitized production. In different regions, initiatives in these directions are known under different names, such as industrie du futur in France, industrial internet in the US or Industrie 4.0 in Germany. While the vision of digitizing production and(More)
Industry 4.0 is a global endeavor of automation and data exchange to create smart factories maximizing production capabilities and allowing for new business models. The Reference Architecture Model for Industry 4.0 (RAMI 4.0) describes the core aspects of Industry 4.0 and defines Administration Shells as digital representations of Industry 4.0 components.(More)
The nature of the RDF data model allows for numerous descriptions of the same entity. For example, different RDF vocabularies may be utilized to describe pharmacogenomic data, and the same drug or gene is represented by different RDF graphs in DBpedia or Drug-bank. To provide a unified representation of the same real-world entity, RDF graphs need to be(More)
The evolution of the Web of documents into a Web of services and data has resulted in an increased availability of data from almost any domain. For example, general domain knowledge bases such as DBpedia or Wikidata, or domain specific Web sources like the Oxford Art archive, allow for accessing knowledge about a wide variety of entities including people,(More)