Diego Circolo

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Membrane-associated guanylate kinase (MAGUK) proteins are cell-cell contact organizing molecules that mediate targeting, clustering and anchoring of proteins at synapses and other cell junctions. MAGUK proteins may contain multiple protein-protein interaction motifs including PDZ, SH3 and guanylate kinase (GuK) domains. In this study, we performed a(More)
Membrane fission is an essential cellular process by which continuous membranes split into separate parts. We have previously identified CtBP1-S/BARS (BARS) as a key component of a protein complex that is required for fission of several endomembranes, including basolateral post-Golgi transport carriers. Assembly of this complex occurs at the Golgi(More)
Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) is the most common form of inherited retinopathy, with an approximate incidence of 1 in 3700 individuals worldwide. Mutations in the retinitis pigmentosa 1 (RP1) gene are responsible for about 5-10% cases of autosomal dominant RP. The RP1 gene is specifically expressed in the photoreceptor layers of the postnatal retina and encodes(More)
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia type B (B-ALL) is a neoplastic disorder that shows high mortality rates due to immature lymphocyte B-cell proliferation. B-ALL diagnosis requires identification and classification of the leukemia cells. Here, we demonstrate the use of Raman spectroscopy to discriminate normal lymphocytic B-cells from three different B-leukemia(More)
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