Diego Candel

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The margin maximization principle implemented by binary Support Vector Machines (SVMs) has been shown to be equivalent to find the hyperplane equidistant to the closest points belonging to the convex hulls that enclose each class of examples. In this paper, we propose an extension of SVMs for multicategory classification which generalizes this geometric(More)
A vast amount of bioinformatics information is continuously being introduced to different databases around the world. Handling the various applications used to study this information present a major data management and analysis challenge to researchers. The present work investigates the problem of integrating heterogeneous applications and databases towards(More)
Fuzzy based models have been used in many areas of research. One issue with these models is that rule bases have the potential for indiscriminant growth. Inference systems with large number of rules can be overspecified, have model comprehension issues and suffer from bad performance. In this research we investigate the use of a genetic algorithm towards(More)
This paper describes a neural network based inference system developed as part of a bioinformatic application in order to help implement a systematic search scheme for the identification of genes which encode enzymes of metabolic pathways. The inference system uses BLAST sequence alignment values as inputs and generates a classification of the best(More)
This paper describes the development of an inference system used for the identification of genes that encode enzymes of metabolic pathways. Input sequence alignment values are used to classify the best candidate genes for inclusion in a metabolic pathway map. The system workflow allows the user to provide feedback, which is stored in conjunction with(More)
In this paper, we study a single objective extension of support vector machines for multicategory classification. Extending the dual formulation of binary SVMs, the algorithm looks for minimizing the sum of all the pairwise distances among a set of prototypes, each one constrained to one of the convex-hulls enclosing a class of examples. The final(More)
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