Diego Bartolomé

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A biocybernetic system has been developed as a method to evaluate automated flight deck concepts for compatibility with human capabilities. A biocybernetic loop is formed by adjusting the mode of operation of a task set (e.g., manual/automated mix) based on electroencephalographic (EEG) signals reflecting an operator's engagement in the task set. A critical(More)
Optimizing a communication of a Q-antenna access point (AP) with K single antenna terminals is not straightforward. Since a global optimization might not be solvable in real time, the AP has several alternatives involving both the physical layer, e.g. beam-forming and power/bit allocation, and the DLC, such as scheduling. The purpose of this paper is(More)
This paper deals with practical multi-antenna multiuser OFDM systems. With the additional degrees of freedom of multiple antennas and multiple subcarriers, the performance might be enhanced, but the scheduling complexity might increase exponentially. Since the scheduling with realistic integer signal mappings is an NP-complete combinatorial problem,(More)
This paper provides useful insights into the practical design of bit allocation algorithms in multiantenna multiuser orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) systems. With the degrees of freedom obtained with multiple antennas and multiple subcarriers, the performance might be enhanced at the expense of a higher complexity. Since the scheduling(More)
One significant concern that pilots have about cockpit auditory warnings is that the signals presently used lack a sense of priority. The relationship between auditory warning sound parameters and perceived urgency is, therefore, an important topic of enquiry in aviation psychology. The present investigation examined the relationship among subjective(More)
Given a zero forcing transmit beamforming, we focus on how the multi-antenna access point distributes the scarce resource (power) among the single-antenna terminals. Since there is a clear trade-off between the satisfaction of the individual needs and the global performance of the cell, several criteria are proposed, ranging from a classical physical layer(More)
This paper studies the application of the Minimum Mean Square Error beamformer to OFDM-based Wireless LANs. The questions here addressed are mainly the design with finite-length data and the choice of the OFDM signal domain where the beamformer is applied, either frequency or time. As OFDM signals need more samples than other modulations to stabilize the(More)
Ad hoc networks were initially conceived as stand-alone entities without connection to any external infrastructure. A possible solution to give access to ad hoc terminals to the Internet trough conventional WLAN networks is described in the mobile multi-gateway support. This scheme proposes to utilize a mobile node within the transmission range of the WLAN(More)
AIMS Intraventricular conduction defects (IVCDs) can impair prognosis of heart failure (HF), but their specific impact is not well established. This study aimed to analyse the clinical profile and outcomes of HF patients with LBBB, right bundle branch block (RBBB), left anterior fascicular block (LAFB), and no IVCDs. METHODS AND RESULTS Clinical variables(More)