Diego A. Muñoz

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A two-layer control algorithm is developed for a class of hybrid (discrete-continuous dynamic) systems comprising important applications such as the economically optimal operation of recipe-driven batch or continuous processes. On the upper layer, the economic optimal control problem is solved rigorously by a slow controller at a low sampling rate, whereas(More)
Snowball effect is a positive mass and energy feedback acting on a process. This effect complicates process control by activating variables interactions and nonlinear phenomena inherent to the process. Traditional process control structures are strongly affected by snowball, which means that to reject relatively small perturbations large changes in the(More)
This work focuses on the control design for feedback linearizable nonlinear systems with unknown time-varying disturbances and uncertainty such that bounds on inputs and state constraints are not violated. Exploiting the special structure of the systems considered, controllers based on Lyapunov’s direct methods are easily synthesized, which enforce(More)
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