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Olive-mill wastes and by-products from the edible olive oil industry contain a high non-stabilised organic load, including organic acids, phenolic compounds and fats with antimicrobial and phytotoxic properties, which make them unsuitable for direct agricultural application. The most abundant olive-mill by-product in Spain is "alperujo" (AL), a solid(More)
The effects of the composting process on the chemical and structural properties of humic acids have been studied in seven different organic waste mixtures from different origin. Only slight changes in elemental composition have been found in the humic acids after the composting process pointing to a more aromatic structure with higher proportions of oxygen(More)
Two types of compost, consisting of sweet sorghum bagasse with either sewage sludge or a mixture of pig slurry and poultry manure, were studied in a pilot plant using the Rutgers system. The total degradation of the piles as determined by the weight loss of organic matter during the bio-oxidative and maturation phases accounted for 64% of the organic matter(More)
5 and Wim van Driel 6 ABSTRACT VIRGOHI21 is an H i source detected in the Virgo Cluster survey of Davies et al. (2004) which has a neutral hydrogen mass of 10 8 M ⊙ and a velocity width of ∆V 20 = 220 km s −1. From the Tully-Fisher relation, a galaxy with this velocity width would be expected to be 12th magnitude or brighter; however deep CCD imaging has(More)
A novel sensor array using seven room-temperature ionic liquids (ILs) as sensing materials and a quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) as a transducer was developed for the detection of organic vapors at ambient and elevated temperatures. Ethanol, dichloromethane, benzene, and heptane were selected as representative gas analytes for various kinds of(More)
Details are presented of the HI Jodrell All Sky Survey (HIJASS). HIJASS is a blind neutral hydrogen (HI) survey of the northern sky (δ>22 •), being conducted using the multibeam receiver on the Lovell Telescope (FWHM beamwidth 12 arcmin) at Jodrell Bank. HIJASS covers the velocity range –3500 km s −1 to 10000 km s −1 , with a velocity resolution of 18.1 km(More)
A stochastic model of sawn timber structural elements of Argentinean Eucalyptus grandis is applied to the study of two eigenproblems. One is the free vibrations problem which, after being solved, yields the natural frequencies and modes. The other problem is the buckling of columns. Its solution leads to the buckling loads and modes. The governing(More)
The goal of this work is to develop the methodology for obtaining accurate, three-dimensional measurements of object deformation using a scanning electron microscope. Calibration methods are being developed for the SEM that include novel distortion correction approaches. The 3D reconstruction of the specimen surface is computed using multiple views acquired(More)
The direct chemical functionalization of poly(spirophosphazene) [NP(O2 C12 H8 )]n (1) can be performed by the lithiation of the aromatic rings at low temperature using Schlosser's base (Lit Bu/KOt Bu or "superbase"), and the subsequent reaction with various electrophiles such as ClSiMe3 , ClPPh2 , or MeOB(O2 C6 H12 ) (MeOBpin). The functionalized(More)