Diederik J. D. Wijnmalen

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This paper shows that the usual multiplicative synthesis of alternative priorities for benefits, opportunities, costs and risks, obtained from separate Analytic Hierarchy or Network models, can be ambiguous. The ratio of benefit and opportunity priorities to cost and risk priorities can be misleading when assessing the profitability of a project. The same(More)
Judgement-based (or 'soft') Operational Research (OR) is used in Defence, although it may not be well known and understood and it may not be perceived to have the rigour of more quantitative techniques. A NATO task group was set up to address these features and to produce a Code of Best Practice with the purpose of: creating an understanding of(More)
An effective response to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) incidents requires capability planning based upon an assessment of risks in which all types of possible consequences of such incidents have been taken into account. CBRN incidents can have a wide range of consequences of which psychological and social effects (possibly leading to(More)
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