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A digestibility trials was carried out with male sheep and one with fattening pigs to investigate the digestibility of wine yeast. 4 two-year-old male sheep and 5 castrated male pigs (live weight approximately 80 kgs) were used as experimental animals. The following digestibility data (%) were established on the sheep: organic matter: 78.9; energy: 79.1;(More)
10 feedings trials were carried out with a total of more than 500 pigs weighing 12 to 40 kgs. To investigate the lysine needs of growing pigs, the animals were fed rations of wheat + extracted ground nut meal. Different food mixtures were tested containing 5 levels of crude protein (19%, 17%, 15%, 13% and 11% of the dry feed. Within each crude protein level(More)
3 N balance trials were carried out with pigs weighing 12-40 kgs to test values for the lysine requirements of pigs that had been obtained in feeding trials with rations containing varying levels of crude protein. The present trials used rations containing 17%, 15% and 13% crude protein; the corresponding lysine percentages were 0.89, 0,79 and 0.62. The N(More)
The following 3 methods of NH3 determination were compared to each other for accuracy, on the basis of their results: microdiffusion acidimetric NH3 analysis, photometric NH3 analysis, using bivalent potassium tetra-iodomercurate, and steam distillation/acidimetric NH3 analysis. The results obtained from steam distillation at pH 7.6 were found to agree with(More)
The development of the pH-value, the molar quota of volatile fatty acids and of the NH3 content in the change from silage rations to dried rations on the basis of pelleted feed and in dependence on the time after the beginning of feeding was tested in studies of the rumen fluid of four cows in order to explain the causes of the very low NH3 content of the(More)
In two feeding experiments with 10 dairy cows each the effect of 200 mg monensin Na per animal and day in rations either rich in roughage or in concentrate was studied. In principle, the reactions caused by monensin supplement did not differ between the two types of rations. Monensin supplements resulted in a slight reduction of feed intake, a significantly(More)
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