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INTRODUCTION No data has been reported on the prevalence of asthma in highland rural areas of Vietnam. We attempt to determine the prevalence of asthma and asthma-like symptoms in Dalat, a Vietnamese city at 1,500 m altitude, and to learn about environmental influences, patient attitudes toward diagnosis and treatment, and the prevalent general knowledge(More)
This work is concerned with a facility for characterizing the insulation of power cables whilst submitted to high dc voltage. The presented tool allows to measure the real distribution of the electric field in the cable insulation, which can be significantly different from the capacitive (Laplace) field repartition, and is of interest in insulation design(More)
The reaction studied in this work is the synthesis of nanometric size calcium carbonate by carbonation of a suspension of lime, which represents the most common industrial route. The carbonation was proceeded in a pilot batch reactor. This article presents a method for the determination of nucleation and crystal growth rates of calcium carbonate by(More)
Alternating poly(Glu-Leu) was synthesized by the condensation of the corresponding dipeptide p-nitrophenyl ester at high concentration. It exhibits a random coil structure in pure water at neutral pH. Addition of monovalent cations, such as NH4+ to a final 0.1 M solution, induces a transition to a water soluble beta-structure. The salt effect is quite(More)
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