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NOTES Age and dose-limited PET–CT scan regime in lymphoma: between the devil and the deep blue sea? Natural and artificial radionuclide measurements and radioactivity assessment of soil samples in eastern Sichuan province (China) The current year and two previous years' issues are available from Oxford University Press. All issues published prior to 2000(More)
In this paper, we present a possible application of neural networks as a component of an intrusion detection system. Neural network algorithms are emerging nowadays as a new arnficial intelligence techm " quethat can be applied to real-l~e problems. We present an approach of user behavior modeling that takes advantage of the properties of neural algorithms(More)
Low-energy alpha particle and proton heavy charged particle (HCP) relative thermoluminescence (TL) efficiencies are calculated for the major dosimetric glow peak in LiF:Mg,Cu,P (MCP-N) in the framework of track structure theory (TST). The calculations employ previously published TRIPOS-E Monte Carlo track segment values of the radial dose in condensed phase(More)
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