Didier Ruedin

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For almost 50 years feld experiments have been used to study ethnic and racial discrimination in hiring decisions, consistently reporting high rates of discrimination against minority applicants – including immigrants – irrespective of time, location, or minority groups tested. While Peter A. Riach and Judith Rich [2002. “Field Experiments of Discrimination(More)
Zurich German (ZG) relative clauses are remarkable from a Germanic point of view in that resumptive pronouns are employed instead of relative pronouns. Reconstruction effects and Strong Crossover violations show that movement is involved in the derivation of ZG relative clauses. Matching effects sensitive to case and preposition provide crucial evidence(More)
Drawing on the new DEMIG POLICY database that comprises over 6,500 migration policy changes in 45 countries, this paper analyses the nature and evolution of migration policies over the 20th and early 21st centuries. The findings challenge the common assumption that migration policies have become increasingly restrictive over the past decades, and instead(More)
This article investigates the supply side of women’s political representation by focusing on how the election of female politicians affects the motivation of women to run for office in other units. The analysis relies on an original data set of over 1,500 municipal elections in Switzerland, starting with the first election after the introduction of women’s(More)
To investigate the mechanisms which may influence fibrin deposition in the remnant kidney, glomerular morphology and the haemostatic properties of isolated glomeruli were assessed in two groups of rats, 30 days after surgical removal of three-quarters of the total renal parenchyma, and compared to glomeruli in sham-operated controls. One group was given the(More)
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